Rewards of the Faithful

Religious Community

A Sense of Community

The modern world is connected as never before, yet many people feel isolated. Instead of meeting with friends and family, they often glimpse their life through social media platforms. Getting out of the house has become a risky proposition in many areas, and this furthers the sense of isolation. Writing letters and talking on the phone has become a thing of the past, and modern people must make do with texts and posts.

Churches combat the feelings of isolation in modern times by bringing people together in many different ways. The first of these is attendance on the religious Sabbath, and it gives people a place to meet others at least one day per week.

For some churchgoers, this is the ideal amount of time to spend with others. They look forward to the contact they get before, during and after church. Other people want more interaction, and the church is a good place to find it. Many churches provide their members with groups for specific ages or interests. Youth groups often have their own time to meet, and retired people have gatherings specifically for their needs. Those in between these two groups may find craft days or sleepovers for small children so their parents can have a date night out.

All of these church activities offer people a different way to connect with each other, and it isn’t always about worship. Connecting people helps strengthen those who have the same beliefs, and these gatherings are a way to show them the church recognizes there are other facets of their life where they might want to be part of a positive community.