Rewards of the Faithful

Religious Community

A Lifetime of Support

Parents and adults are the ones who make the decision to join a particular church, but the support of the church is for all ages. When a couple brings a new life into the world, most churches offer a host of programs to help them through the adjustments they will need to make for their child. Some offer baptism, and many offer classes to new parents. Babysitting during church services is one of the fundamentals offered by churches that want to attract new parents.

As children grow, they are welcomed to many church activities. Teaching them the basics of the faith is important, and this is often combined with fun events to help them see the value in attending church. As they grow into adolescence, this group has its own functions and times to meet. The goal of the church is to help them avoid the pitfalls of their age group as well as encourage them to remain in the faith as adults.

Older people will also find benefits to being members of a congregation, and churches provide them with many services as well as opportunities to help their community. Their age and wisdom are often used by the church to help younger members, and they can also receive support tailored to their specific needs.

Life takes many twists and turns, and church members can call on each other for support in times of crisis. The types of support offered vary with each church, but many congregation members donate their time, some give monetary support and others offer direct assistance in times of need. All of these foster a deep sense of community.